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Vegas In Hollywood
Soap Opera Weekly, October 14, 2003

Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo, AMC) was more than a little excited for the world premiere screening of his eagerly anticipated series, Las Vegas, at The Highlands in Hollywood Sept, 16.

"Of course, you get nervous when everyone watches it for the first time," admits Duhamel, quickly adding, "It's a good thing."

CO-stars Vanessa Marcil (ex-Brenda, GH) and James Caan calmed him down. He also had the support of NBC daytime actors Justin Hartley and Lindsay Korman (Fox and Theresa, Passions). "I'm a huge fan; he's good," praised Hartley. "Now, he's got something different to do. He's right up there with James Caan." "My parents are from Vegas," Korman chimed in. "I'm excited. When we went to the upfronts, we saw a trailer for this and it looked incredible, so we came out for the premiere."

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